Illustrating Brantingham’s Sierra Series

Sequoia/King’s Canyon Brantingham Project

I have been asked to join two other artists, photographer Elder Zamora and graphic artist Ann Brantingham to contribute photographs to John Brantingham’s book project.  John is a well published Southern California writer who is the first Poet Laureate of Sequoia/King’s Canyon National Park (SEKI), and the co-author of our book A Sublime and Tragic Dance on J. Robert Oppenheimer.  John just returned from presenting at a Flash Fiction conference in Bristol, U.K.

John’s Sierra project is a multivolume work capturing the spirit of SEKI through his poetry and our photographs and drawings.  Thus far it appears that the first volume on the high country has been accepted for publication by Cholla Needles Press.  This bodes well for production quality as publisher Rich Soos is a master of the trade.

I’ve accompanied John, Ann, and Elder on several writing and photography expeditions.  The first, in August 2017 was to the Giant Grove for several day’s of writing with professional writers.  In March of 2018 we returned to photograph the front country just inside the Park boundaries.  In July I went back to the high country to photograph Moro Rock and the Kaweah Falls trail.  John, Ann, and Elder are going back soon for pictures in the area around Grant’s Grove and possibly King’s Canyon.

I’ve added here several of my photographs, both black & white and in color, which are under consideration for the books.

Ridge south of Moro Rock, early morning
SEKI High Country 0344
Near bottom of Moro Rock, early morning
SEKI High Country 0357

Hillside east of Three Rivers, midday
SEKI Front Country 1125
Kaweah Falls, late morning
SEKI High Country 0521
Nearing Kaweah Falls, late morning
SEKI High Country 0463
Kaweah riverbed, early morning
SEKI Front Country 1055